Ladders Compliance Inspection

Ladders Compliance Inspection

All ladders should be issued with a certificate of compliance to AS 1657-2018 when installed.

There are also many ladders that have been installed well prior to the recent changes to AS 1657. Ladders are commonly implicated in a fall from height and although AS 1657 is not retrospective; a compliance audit and risk assessment should be undertaken to assess whether or not a ladder installed prior to 1st May 2014 is at risk of causing a fall.

Advanced Roof Safety auditors undertake a number of checks associated with compliance.
These checks include:

  • Angle of the ladder
  • Spacing of rungs
  • Gap between top rung and platform
  • Alignment of top rung
  • Loose fixings
  • Damage
  • Inadequate fall protection at the top of the ladder
  • Whether or not the ladder needs to be replaced
  • Hazard rating (High, Medium or Low)

Advanced Roof Safety auditors have extensive experience in the industry and excellent knowledge of the suitability and fit for purpose of a ladder.

All recommendations are based on practical experience to provide the best and most economical solution where replacement is required.

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