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Roof Walkway Systems Melbourne

Stay safe when working at all heights thanks to the team at Advanced Roof Safety. For over 12 years we have conducted in-depth examinations and inspections of the fall protection installations and systems that have been placed in locations throughout and beyond the Melbourne metropolitan area. Along with ensuring that sites with working at heights environments conform to industry safety standards our team of experts have the training, qualifications and hands-on knowledge to install safety systems that reduce the risk of injury or death from falling from heights.

Walkways allow safe transition of workers accessing plant and equipment without the risk of leaks from roof damage. Our corrosion free and practical aluminium roof walkway systems are compliant to AS 1657 and ensure that Melbourne rooftops adhere to current safety regulations and requirements. Offering a stable and secured walking surface that can independently support the weight of workers (rated at 250 kg/m2) our roof walkway systems come with guardrails that can help prevent injuries caused by falling from heights.

Aluminium Roof Walkways Melbourne

Made from strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure that they remain safer for longer, our aluminium roof walkways give Melbourne workers and site operators lasting peace of mind and security. Aluminium roof walkways retain their structural integrity and appearance for long periods. To find out more about our premium and affordable aluminium roof walkway installations and how they can improve your worksite safe access call our team today on 1300 738 052.